Crypto, as Speculative as Anything Else

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  At DLI, we are in it for the long march. Our focus is not on speculative Cryptocurrency; it is on the blockchain, distributed infrastructure, and applications. What everyone calls Cryptocurrency is several different things. It is not necessarily a currency and is not anymore speculative than investing in an IPO or private shares of…

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The Costs and Risks of Technical Debt

Forward I first heard of Technical Debt while listening to an interview with Charles Hoskinson, co-creator of the Ethereum blockchain and founder of IOHK/Cardano (ADA). Hoskinson created IOHK (Input/Output Hong Kong) to develop what he calls the “Third Generation Blockchain.” One of the primary focuses of the worldwide development team on the Cardano project is…

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The DLT Blockchain Crypto Business – Atlanta Blockchain Experience 2018

CEO Mike Francis spoke last week at The  Atlanta Blockchain Experience 2018 on the business side of distributed ledger and blockchain technology. You can flip through Mike’s slides below and watch his talk from the show. Have questions? Contact us if you would like to learn how distributed ledger and blockchain technologies can be implemented…

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