Crypto, as Speculative as Anything Else


At DLI, we are in it for the long march. Our focus is not on speculative Cryptocurrency; it is on the blockchain, distributed infrastructure, and applications. What everyone calls Cryptocurrency is several different things. It is not necessarily a currency and is not anymore speculative than investing in an IPO or private shares of a growing company. The difference here is that these investments can easily be traded peer to peer, and all participants are intrinsically involved. I love the idea of it and, even more, the actual function of it. It is a system that our world has never seen. We are already starting to see all kinds of things represented on a blockchain and taking real advantage of the technology.  We call it Crypto because it applies cryptography to secure the data and verify transactions. Labeling it Cryptocurrency is narrow-minded and full of unrealistic expectations.


We no longer call it Cryptocurrency, because we have already evolved well past that. Crypto can be and in many cases, is a payment layer that is fast, immutable, cuts out intermediaries, and is valuable to everyone, not just a few. It is also a function of utility where a token or coin serves as input/output for a system. Charles Hoskinson named his company IOHK for a reason. The IO stands for Input/Output. If you, as an individual, like the idea of a decentralized world and see value in a project, you can invest in it and be a part of it. It has value because it either provides the rights to something, or the ability to do something. The transaction layer stores data in a way that no one can change it, and in doing so, provides trust without having to trust the participants.


blockchain graphic


I have heard people try to sum Crypto up into one single sentence. “The problem with it is all the volatility.” Is that the problem, or is it the opportunity? The volatility is short term, is no different than the stock, futures, or commodities markets where one piece of news, one tweet, or one technological advancement can swing things drastically. And just like owning a stock, foreign currency, or shares in a startup, you are in it for either the short term or the long term. You hear many VC firms talk about their strategy of 1 out of 10 prevailing. Just like any business or opportunity, some are going to fail, survive, and surprise you. We expect all the above as we focus on the technology. We are building a company, not a speculative investment vehicle.


We started DLI, so we can be a part of a real technological revolution that is slowly taking place right under our noses. We are involved in and invested in over 100 Blockchain projects. We are spending a considerable amount of our time and resources focusing on the Government and Enterprise applications to scale the payment and utility layer. Doing so is just as important as spending time on the transaction and consensus layers. There are thousands of companies and open-source projects working on and building the future of technology. We are working to adopt it.


This is where we fit in. We are the integrator, the client advocate, the trusted advisor, and the provider of the tools and infrastructure to bring everything to scale. We are not creating blockchains; there are plenty of smart people doing that. We are creating systems that utilize the blockchain to make the world a better place, to provide real trust, and to benefit every participant in the systems.


So, is Crypto speculative? Yes, it certainly is, but so is every idea that anyone has. We are investing in those ideas; we are studying and embracing the technology.


Want to be a part of that? Yeah, I do too!


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Mike Francis