Platform as a Service

Unlock the potential of your next blockchain platform

The platform your Enterprise Blockchain project is built on is the building block of your distributed systems. The platform is just as important as selecting the correct business model and the correct partners to make that business model work. With a platform that can scale in size and transactions per second, DLI’s BPaaS offering can meet the needs now and in the future for all major Blockchain Enterprise projects. Through our partnership with Ternio, we now provide clients with the opportunity to use Lexicon for their next big project. The blockchain space is constantly evolving and we are staying ahead of the curve with everything we do to ensure our infrastructure does not get left behind.

What's Lexicon?

Lexicon is the name given to Ternio's blockchain platform forked from Hyperledger. Designed and built with speed in mind, Lexicon is poised to disrupt a number of industries with processing times that once seemed impossible. At 1,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS), the speed and scalability of Lexicon is perfect for your next project.



Per Second

How It Works

  • Verified by third-party nodes providing complete decentralization

  • Total transparency of the supply chain that no other technology can provide

  • Private and auditable data by only those in the supply chain

  • All transactional data is protected with encryption

Professional Services

Having a team of trusted professionals is vital to a blockchain project's success over time. Our team provides professional services in a capacity that covers everything that goes into creating your own blockchain platform. Whether you are working towards your 3rd milestone or just started typing up the initial summary of your next project, we can help with every step along the way.

Dedicated Support

Take advantage of our team of experienced engineers and high-quality support around the clock


Our team can help you answer the most important questions when starting your own blockchain project


We have a total of 10 years of development experience in the blockchain space across many different industries

Managed Services

Our Infrastructure as a Service provides your project with industry standard reliability and scalability

Learn more about BPaaS

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