Mining as a Service

Our Mining as a Service (MaaS) program is a unique offering not found anywhere else. It utilizes a lot of the same foundational structure of our highly competitive colocation rates and advantages, but with the added benefit of being a fully managed solution. Customers do not have to source their own equipment or worry about setup and constant monitoring of their equipment, while sharing all the benefits of owning mining equipment.

Why Not Buy Bitcoin Instead of Mining It?

We hear this question a lot. The simple answer is that the long-term and consistent cost to mine Bitcoin will be far less than the current market price. We currently have our Bitcoin production cost of 50% market price.


MaaS Users Benefit From the Following Features


  • Full technician support and regular maintenance
  • Miners acquired on your behalf
  • Automatic payouts at the end of every quarter


  • S19J Pro Th/s miners
  • Minimum quantity of 10 miners to qualify


  • 12-month minimum participation
  • Mining equipment depreciated
  • Optional buyback through DLI equity at 100% value after 12 months