Mining as a Service

Mine On Your Own Terms

DLI’s infrastructure and reliably cheap energy sources allow us to offer clients a variety of services. With a professional mining management and consulting team and years of industry experience, we provide top-notch service for any level of crypto-asset involvement.

Limitless Functionality


Mining equipment and management services

We don’t just host your equipment for you, we have trusted agents sourcing the best prices all the time. We can order and install for you at any time.


Hashrate guarantee with premium insurance plans.

If you want a guaranteed consistent hashrate, we offer a premium plan which ensures a range based on your monthly averages


Track stats and manage your own details.

We provide a web-based dashboard so you can check on your assets where ever you are, on your time.


Looking for larger opportunities?

Don’t go at it alone, we can help. DLI has services for large investors looking to locate cheap power sources and operate private or group mining facilities not open to the general public.

Ready to get started?

Discuss your project requirements with our team to determine the best fit for your needs