Distributed Ledger Brings Bitcoin Mining to the City of Mobile, Alabama


We are excited to announce the passing of a Bitcoin mining project with the the City of Mobile, Alabama. This project was approved in partnership with the GulfQuest Maritime Museum Board in the form of a new sustainable revenue source poised to fuel growth for the next decade.

The City of Mobile is home to one of the largest ports in the United States with a trade volume of over 65 million per year. To honor Mobile's 340-year historic port and its competitive intermodal based maritime industry, GulfQuest was opened in 2015 as a 120,000 sq ft non-profit interactive museum that sits on the mouth of the Mobile River dedicated to showcasing and telling the story of the maritime heritage of Mobile and the Gulf of Mexico. Rooted in history, GulfQuest plays an integral role in portraying the city and state's history, while keeping its eyes on the use case of our maritime industry's competitive growth. Maersk Shipping, the world's largest container shipper, already has 50% of all containers globally on its dynamic TradeLens Blockchain. The entire world is moving in the direction of Blockchain and bitcoin in all industries and governments.

DLI is using a modified shipping container to house 100 of Bitmain's Antminer S19s all of which will be fully air cooled on-site. These machines will mine Bitcoin around the clock as it lays the groundwork for government funding and subsequent infrastructure funded through crypto mining revenue.

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