GulfQuest Bitcoin Mining Project: Frequently Asked Questions

Picture from Visit Mobile Over the last month, we have been compiling a list of frequently asked questions from both our team internally and a number of public sources. The questions below are broken down into three main categories: Technology The Venue and Why It’s Important About DLI & The Future Technology A short answer…

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Crypto, as Speculative as Anything Else

speculative crypto blog featured image

  At DLI, we are in it for the long march. Our focus is not on speculative Cryptocurrency; it is on the blockchain, distributed infrastructure, and applications. What everyone calls Cryptocurrency is several different things. It is not necessarily a currency and is not anymore speculative than investing in an IPO or private shares of…

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The Costs and Risks of Technical Debt

Forward I first heard of Technical Debt while listening to an interview with Charles Hoskinson, co-creator of the Ethereum blockchain and founder of IOHK/Cardano (ADA). Hoskinson created IOHK (Input/Output Hong Kong) to develop what he calls the “Third Generation Blockchain.” One of the primary focuses of the worldwide development team on the Cardano project is…

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