Distributed Ledger, Inc. and LightSpeed Hosting Partner to Provide High-Density Compute Datacenter Cloud Capabilities


Atlanta, Georgia: ​Today, Distributed Ledger, Inc. (DLI), a blockchain technology service provider, announced a new partnership with LightSpeed Hosting. LightSpeed is a monumental figure in the cloud hosting industry offering everything from cloud servers, hardware colocation, virtualization, and more. This partnership provides high-density compute datacenter services streamlined for many sectors, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, image rendering, edge computing, and more.

DLI’s Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service
Distributed Ledger, Inc’s Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service (BIaaS) offering integrates the technical challenges of high-end computing tasks with reliable hosting. Users benefit from a fully-featured dashboard with complete front-end access and the ability to make changes or create virtualization environments with routing, switching, and global connectivity services.

LightSpeed Hosting Datacenter
Lightspeed Hosting enhances DLI’s BIaaS offering through physical datacenter infrastructure backed by many years of industry experience. LightSpeed has garnered an overwhelming amount of support and trust paving the way for partnerships that continue to push the boundaries of digital asset mining and related services. Some of these partnerships include ePIC Blockchain Technologies, Obelisk, Bitmain, and more.

What does this mean for current and potential customers?
This new arrangement brings many positive benefits that will affect both current and prospective clients of DLI/LightSpeed. One of which is a greatly expanded geographical network size to increase DLI’s reach across the United States and further enhance its global cloud connectivity. Both parties have worked tirelessly to seamlessly integrate critical business operations and personnel to enhance customer experience.

About Distributed Ledger, Inc.: DLI​ is a blockchain technology company with offices throughout the Southeastern United States, including Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. Contact info@distributedledgerinc.com​ for more information.

About LightSpeed Hosting: LightSpeed is one of the most well-known hosting providers in the digital asset mining space located in Medina, Ohio.