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Introducing Distributed Ledger, Inc. Cloud

We are excited to announce the release of our first significant enterprise service offering, DLI Cloud. DLI Cloud is a multi-cloud environment for the blockchain industry that eliminates the headaches of day-to-day tasks while providing seamless integration to the world’s largest cloud providers with ease. Built on OpenStack, DLI Cloud provides fully managed and orchestration of all virtual services with managed kubernetes built into the platform.

A multi-cloud environment allows a company to tap into public cloud resources from a variety of providers to target the best case needs for each task they want completed. Existing solutions in the blockchain and crypto space lack proper scalability, come with an increased demand on server resources, and are cost prohibitive at scale. DLI provides a bleeding-edge, customer focused, distributed cloud solution. Their solution is 100% scalable, customizable to fit unique project needs, and comes with the support and expertise of technology minded innovators in the blockchain industry.

dli cloud connected diagram

The company noticed an increase in cloud adoption which led to the demand for cloud to cloud connectivity. This recent adoption brought along its own set of challenges such as high bandwidth costs, high latency, network complexity, and more. DLI Cloud is positioned to solve these problems and eliminate cost-prohibitive scalability. In doing so, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects will see a number of enhancements including:

  • Automation
    • Operators and Developers can take advantage of the control plane to manage containers in multiple clouds with a single command
  • Visibility
    • View and manage multi cloud environments across various providers from one dashboard
  • Governance
    • Push compliance policies across the control plane between public and private clouds with a single command


Ready to learn more about how DLI Cloud can fit into your business? Contact us to get started.

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