Crypto Miner Maintenance and Repair

Increase your uptime average with DLl's team of highly-skilled and trained technicians.

Would you breathe the same air as your miners?

If your asic mining equipment is in need of a tune-up, our team is here to help. We offer cleaning, testing, diagnostics, chip-level repairs, and replacements.

No job is too small, ask a DLI certified repair tech about our specialized services for large facilities. Our staff has the training and experience necessary to get the job done right.

DLI will clean and diagnose your miners for only $125/miner



Cleaning & Diagnostics

Have your miners ran through our efficient ultrasonic cleaning process at a fraction of the cost and time from competitors. 

Advanced Repair

We offer advanced chip and board level repair in addition to replacing power supplies, fans, and more.

DLI Certified Techs

Have an order that is too large to ship? Our team can come on-site to perform repairs when needed.